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Mr. Jugs & His Inappropriate Boners

SOLVING MYSTERIES You know who really sucks at four day weekends in Taiwan.

Of course you don't, I ASKED you the question....

Plop on your Sherlock Holmes hat and solve that shit.

SHOCKING NEWS NEWSFLASH-Mr. Jugs sucks at four day weekends, an American divorcee in Taiwan.

Mr. Jugs also sucks at tying his shoes.

At least, he uses that excuse as to why he still wears velcro shoes at forty-five years old.

SEXY REMINDERS Things have never been the same since his ex-wife, Mrs. Jugs, ditched him for Mrs. Muscles. He likes to tell people she is probably already divorced to help him cope with his pain. (Mrs..Jugs and Mrs. Muscles' scandalous love affair)

On a hot Friday night, Mr. Jugs swirled the last two drops of strawberry yogurt on the back of his dry tongue inside his favorite 7-11 in the town of Hen Bun, or Very Stupid (English Translation).  The mosquitoes kept him excellent company.

His rain-drenched Very Stupid Elementary School shirt stays wet inside the damp and cool 7-11…