Not to Be Social Media Shaming, But...

Ever since I started the Southern Taiwan Hiking group, I have always said that I wanted to start a blog about hiking, or other outdoor activities in Taiwan. My hunch is fear of success kept me from doing it. I think it's a fear of success, because my top five favorite things to do are:

1.) Writing
2.) Hiking
3.) Photography
4.)  Cycling
5.) Reading

With those five interests in life, it should have been pretty obvious to me to start writing some of the adventures out. But, better late than never!

But, I have recently been reading a book called The Artist's Way.  It is about the tenth time I have made an attempt to read, and work through the exercises that the author provides her readers. The material focuses on providing strategies for increased creativity. Every time I spend time working on this piece of work,  it always seems to give me the courage to try some new things while I am going through the suggested activities. So, with the list I made above, I took notice of the fact t…

A Hot Date With Ramen Noodles

Riding my bike through Douliou.
"Damn it! Nothing sounds good."
Even my eyes twinged, with hate.
"Jesus. I can't wait for vacation."
Then, I saw a picture of a boiling pot of eggs and noodles, and a big number fifty on it.
"Must be the Ramen Noodle place. But, at least it's cheap. "
I stood in front of the door for a longggg minute as I remembered back to a simpler, and somewhat less hateful time.
I was dating a girl who insisted one day that we go for Ramen Noodles in the Taipei Train Station.

I recalled thinking before we went,
“What a stupid idea. Food is always more expensive at the train station, but not better. And, you want to pay good money for Ramen Noodles? How moronic can you get?”
I had a somewhat happier thought.
“Ramen Noodles – Adrian Kulp, and his blog Dad or Alive. “
“Why the hell do I think of Adrian, my college friend every time I see Ramens? I literally never saw him, nor hear him, talk about Ramens?”
“But, his name is always the first t…

I Had To Let Go

Psycho said, "You have to call me when you get out of work today. "

I reached for my phone at 5:01.

"Well, it is so nice to hear your voice finally."

"You too, especially after all this talk about making out in your jet. "

"You sound even hotter than you look on your Myspace pic, by the way."

"Focus, Josh."

"Uh.. Yeah.. By the way.. My boss launched a campaign today.”

“Operation get Josh Dent fired."

"Wait. What?""

"I gotta pick up my kid now. But, I wanted to let you know."

“Be careful.”

"Hold on…"

"Sorry. We'll chat more tomorrow."

After Psycho dropped the call, I shook up my protein shake, and headed for the gym. I thought through
my workout and into the night about our conversation.

“Man. That voice sounded so sweet.” “I can’t wait to meet her.” “I wanted to talk longer.”

What an enigma.

I thought nothing about getting fired.

The next morning, I couldn't wait to check my Instant Mes…