Bullshit News in Taiwan- How Whiskey MakesYou Stronger

“ Look at my face. Not even the hairs on my beard grow close
together. Some lonely shit here in Yunlin County, Taiwan” Steve clasped Charles ‘ shoulder ”It’s all good bruah.In a week from now, we will both be
gassing up on whores and cocaine in MOTHER FUCKING
LAS VEGAS!” Charles chuckled while making eye contact with everyone at the
table.  He raised his dixie cup full of Whiskey with something black
floating at the bottom while switching to Mandarin so everyone could
understand.  “Steve and I have had a lot of fun Saturday nights here with
you guys. But, this is gonna be our last one together. Thank
you so much for all the good times.” The two local farmers at the table clenched their hands together
while their cheeks burned with apple-red pride. “Ok-La. Don’t forget. Always drink more whiskey, because it
makes you stronger.” The group chuckled in unison as they all threw down the drink
that Steve & Charles did not know its official name.  A few minutes later, the clan concluded that it…

Happy Lunar New Year- No Bullshit

Just wishing you a Happy Year of The Rat!

Bullshit News in Taiwan- The Taiwan Supreme Court Overturns The If You Go Beep Beep Watch 'Em Weep Rule

The Historic Supreme Court Ruling

In a landmark Taipei Supreme Court case, City of Taipei vs Driver Wu, it actually turns out that lightly beeping your horn twice while speeding through a red light does not make it ok to run the red light, even for taxi drivers.  Police Officer Wu jumped up and down for joy inside the Taipei Supreme Courthouse when the honorable judge Wong offered his verdict in the case. Mr. Wu, the defendant, who works as a taxi driver launched his crumpled up Taipei Times newspaper at the officer as he stormed out of the courthouse. His face allegedly looked redder than when he drinks two glasses of wine.

Officer Wu Overcame Insurmountable Odds
Our team visited Officer Wu two months ago when we first got word that the case was going to be appealed all the way up to the Taipei Supreme Court. He offered the following comments about whether or not he thought the case could hold up in court.

" Those taxi drivers have been terrorizing us for thirty-five years. Aft…

Bullshit News in Taiwan- Canadian Vlogger's Mom Doesn't Believe Everything Is Amazing

"I'm telling you. Not everything can be amazing. I saw the kid choking down a grasshopper on his Youtube Channel while looking like, well, he just ate a fucking grasshopper. But, he still spits out the words, This is Amazing. "

This unanimous Canadian vlogger's mom talked more about her overall disappointment with her son.

 At press time, she was planning a way to tell her son that she forgot how to use the computer, so she doesn't get guilt-tripped into watching his next boring-ass Vlog with him  going from place to place yelling, "This is AMAZING!"

Bullshit News in Taiwan- Han KuoYu's Mistress Was Donald Trump!

In response to Taiwanese presidential candidate Han Kuo Yu's most recent scandal of having an alleged mistress (READ MORE HERE), Donald Trump has shocked the world once again. Only days before Taiwan's upcoming presidential election, he has tweeted that it is impossible for Han Kuo Yu to have such a lover. That is because the two men are madly in love with each other.

Trump continued to leak some of the juicy details about their affair on his Twitter page.

  The love affair comes at an opportune time for the happy couple. That is because Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage in May of 2019. Bullshit News in Taiwan's sources has told us that once Trump is no longer POTUS that they plan on eloping in Han Kuo Yu's Taipei Mahjong den.

As for Mr. & Mrs. Trump, the couple is actually not planning on getting a divorce. As a matter of fact,  Melania Trump did not seem to be bothered at all by the fact that her husband plans on marrying another man. She even plans on joining…

Bullshit News in Taiwan- Crazy Ted Is Killin' It in 2020

Bullshit News in Taiwan's lead reporter Nardy Nichphearson got a hot news tip on one of her least favorite expats to cover, Crazy Ted.  Crazy Ted had made a vow in his New Year's resolutions to drink Gaoliang instead of water this year. Dozens of people that read the last report on Crazy Ted did not feel like it could be done. However, Ms. Nichphearson was happy to see his Wednesday evening report from his Instagram listed above.  If he woke up at 6:00 tonight, we could only assume that he was ditching the water yesterday, and pounding the Gaoliang. Good job Crazy Ted!

Bullshit News in Taiwan- Two Travel Bloggers Clash With A Shocking Ending

With America and Iran entering into unprecedented territory, two douchey travel bloggers in Taipei without absolutely any touch with reality took to Instagram to have a heated debate. Their debate could be considered as important as some of  the perennial Russian presidential candidate,Vladimir Zhirinovsky's bids to overtake Putin in the last five Russian 'elections.' These two twat waffles spent most of Thursday morning slinging insults at each other over whose Instagram photos were faker.
WanderlusharperinTaipei hit him hard with the first dig. Harper appeared to be outraged over TravelinDick's clearly filtered pics from his most recent trip to Tainan seen below here.

Harper lashed out at TravelinDick with this MEME.
TravelinDick took an aggressive defense by comment bombing every photo on WanderlustHarperinTaipei's photos on his Instagram page. 

This hostile move by Travelin Dick left Harper with no choice but to stand up to the Instagram bully. Harper commente…